Animations – explaining a software solution


To help support the relaunch of an improved version of one of Delaget’s software solutions, Delaget Stats, I created two animated videos showcasing some of the tangible ways customers could use the solution.


This was a such a fun collaboration between me, our interactive marketing manager, and our VP of marketing who wrote the script and recorded the voice over.

When the project was proposed, the script didn’t call for animation. The idea had been to show still images of stick figure heroes and heroines in various situations throughout the video. But I pretty quickly decided that this would have a lot more impact if the illustrations were actually animated.

So, I storyboarded it out using simple line sketches, then I used Illustrator and Adobe Animate to produce some animated scenes. It had been several years since I used Adobe Animate/Flash, but I dove in and figured it out. My boss was surprised when I started delivering sample clips of the animation. “This is just as good as the agency,” she told me, “but takes half as much time and money.” So, we decided that I would begin devoting more of my time and energy to brushing up on animation, and I’m excited to see what else I can create after I’ve spent more time in Adobe Animate.

To finish off the project, our interactive marketing manager/videographer assembled the clips in Premiere along with some videos of the software being used. We worked closely together to make sure the sections showing the software meshed well with the animated sections and that everything matched up to the voice over.

The Finished Product – Selected Screenshots

Currently, we have produced two videos and have started work on a third. Below are a few selected screenshots; you can watch the videos at

animations screenshots-new2.png