Delaget website revamp

home page three boxes2

2020 was a year of growth for Delaget, in terms of customer understanding and maturity of product offerings. Significant changes in Delaget’s suite of software, and how it was being positioned, rendered much of the content obsolete. We had also done a lot of work on customer journey mapping and ideal customer profile development, giving us new insight that we wanted to leverage on the website. Finally, it had been four years since the current version of the website had launched and it was time for a visual refresh.

For this revamp, I worked with our VP of Marketing to strategize content and architecture. I built out wireframes using Adobe XD and worked with a cross-functional team to gain insights and ensure buy-in. I created and implemented all the design and development, including significant changes to WordPress templates and responsive functionality.

Below is a before-and-after comparison of the home page. The new home page contains a lot less content; a laser focus on the customer journey led us to a persona-focused design with clear pathways to the most relevant content for each person, with motivating CTAs to gather leads.

Delaget website before-after

Here’s an example of an interior page. Above-fold content conveys the most important information as well as a  demo CTA. Just below the fold, the page delves deeper into the key benefits, a slider with screen shots, and a compelling piece of content to attract new leads. Photos of people are included on most pages to create a feeling of rapport.

Detect page

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