Direct mail for Ideas To Go


During my time at Ideas To Go, a creative process consulting company, before the company went all-in on digital I created a lot of direct mail pieces. Each piece incorporates some element of the unexpected, making them memorable and keepable. We sent these pieces once or twice a year to current clients to keep Ideas To Go top of mind and reinforce the creativity of the company.


To understand my process, it helps to understand a bit about Ideas To Go. It’s an innovation company that helps the Fortune 100s and 500s think of new ideas for products, services, names, brand positioning, etc. It is a company full of creative thinkers whose job it is to ideate. So, to create each of these pieces, our team dove deep into all the wildest ideas we could come up with, and then brought it back to logistical (and financial) reality. I’ll never forget the time we seriously considered encasing onions in acrylic and sending them to clients to represent the layers of creativity.  (Apparently it wasn’t feasible! “It’ll stink up the factory!” was the response we got.)

Once we landed on an actual idea, as the sole designer at the company I created the designs and worked with the vendors to produce and fulfill them.

The Finished Products

Below you’ll see a few of the direct mail pieces I created. One of my favorites contains an actual piece of the “Word Wall”, an architectural element in Ideas To Go’s office that was covered with words to spark creative thinking.

Another I really enjoyed is shown in the bottom picture. The message was “what you get is more than what you see.” I created a scratch-off component that recipients could scratch off to reveal the secret thoughts of the retro ladies in the picture. This supported Ideas To Go’s core competency as a leader in creative Voice of the Customer.

direct mail itg.png


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