Educational content for Ideas To Go


This is a PDF white paper I created for the innovation consulting company, Ideas To Go, around 2014 or 2015. It’s a guide for how to position products in the marketplace, and was used on the website as a downloadable offer to educate clients and prospects as well as drive conversions. While at Ideas To Go, I designed dozens of pieces of content we used in our inbound marketing efforts.


I included this example because not only did I design this piece, but I wrote it as well. While I’m most definitely a designer, I’ve written lots of microcopy over the years, as well as this guide and some blog posts. I really like working with writers and collaborating to make sure the design really helps communicate the concept. It was fun to both design this and apply what I’ve learned from writers.

The Finished Product

ITG ebook-new


ITG ebook-p2-new