Pillar pages that drive inbound leads


In 2018, the Marketing team at Delaget began developing pillar pages on our website to aggregate content for several key topics. These not only serve as great resources for customers and prospects, they also boost organic search rankings and drive leads to convert on downloadable content. We decided to begin with restaurant analytics, a key expertise of the company. I designed the page, as well as an ebook version to download and the associated landing pages and emails. This soon became the #1 downloaded piece of content on the Delaget website. Because of this success, we went on to create three more pillar pages, also with downloadable ebooks.

You can download two of the ebooks here:

Restaurant analytics pillar pagerestaurant analytics PILLAR desktop-new.png

Landing page to download the ebook

restaurant analytics ebook landing page-cropped-new.png

Selected pages from the ebook, Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Analytics

restaurant analytics guide pillar ebook pages2