Educational content – pillar page


In 2018, the Marketing team at Delaget began hearing more and more about the importance of pillar pages, both as great resources for customers and prospects, and also to boost organic search rankings. These pages would aggregate the key information about a given topic and link to all our resources about that topic. We decided to begin with restaurant analytics, a key expertise of the company.


My role was to design the page on our website, and to create a downloadable version. I also created the landing page and thank-you email for the download.

I really enjoyed working on this project. The concept of a pillar page was a little different from anything I’d worked on before, and I really like creating content that helps educate people, not just sell things.

The Finished Product

My favorite part of the project was the pdf ebook. You can download it here, and there are a few screenshots from it on this page as well.

restaurant analytics PILLAR desktop-new.png


restaurant analytics ebook landing page-cropped-new.png

restaurant analytics thank you email-new.png

pdf selected pages-new3.png