Evolving from an email newsletter to a blog


In early 2018, Delaget decided to end its longstanding email newsletter and create a blog instead. In addition to wanting to connect with subscribers more often, it was part of Delaget’s SEO strategy to generate more searchable content on the website.


My role was to create the designs and hand off to our freelance developer. I also designed and executed the related emails in HubSpot.

The first two images show the design files I handed off to our freelance developer to create the necessary blog architecture for the blog list page and blog entry pages in WordPress. I also wrote up some documentation on how it should work, pixel dimensions of different elements, etc.

Unfortunately, the developer had trouble getting the orange CTA area with the blog signup to display the way I had designed, so we solved the problem by creating a CTA in the bottom corner that would slide up after a certain amount of time on the page.

After the blog was launched, we revamped the website to include a shortened banner area without the background photo at the top. But rather than having the developer go back and take out the photo banner on the blog pages, we decided to keep the photo banner here to add visual interest to the blog posts. The agency writing the posts didn’t have graphic design support, so they weren’t going to be adding any images within the posts they were writing. With this design, the agency writer could select one featured image for each post and it would show on the blog page, the blog list page, and in the rss email to subscribers. It was a good compromise.

The Finished Product

One thing this project shows is that it’s good to have a clear design vision, but it’s also important for a designer to be willing to listen to developers and content creators about what will work for them.

01-blog mockup 2-new.png

03-blog - article page - mockup 1-new



05-rocket fuel blog invite1-new.png


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