Logo design

One of my favorite types of design project is logo design. I love to work with clients to dig into the personality and reason-to-be of a brand or product, discovering what makes it special and creating a memorable logo that fits.

Here are a few examples of brand-new logos as well as logos for products that fit within an existing brand.

Ideas To Go product logos

I created these product logos in Adobe Illustrator. I used existing brand elements like colors, fonts, and the bouncing ball element that was prominent in the company’s logo at the time (the company has since been rebranded.)

ideas to go logos2

Delaget module logos

Here is a logo system I designed for Delaget to represent modules within an existing SaaS product. The umbrella product was Delaget Coach, and the company began to sell add-on modules within the main product. I devised a scaleable system to brand the new modules as they were created. The bottom-left logo is the existing Delaget Coach logo and the other iterations show how the module could be represented in different situations – horizontally, stacked, or displayed alongside the Delaget Coach logo. To scale this system, each new module would use the diamond with the first letter of the module’s name.

Detect logos2


Freelance logos

Here are a handful of logos I’ve designed for freelance clients.

freelance logos3