Click mapping webpage optimization


When I was hired by Delaget in May of 2017, they had recently launched a complete rebrand of the company and a brand-new website designed by a local agency. Our team knew that we would want to evolve the design and content of the website as we began to learn what was and wasn’t working.

Pretty quickly, we began to see that the large photo banners at the top, while pretty, weren’t working well from a usability standpoint; they were taking up too much space and scroll map and heat map analysis showed that visitors weren’t scrolling down far enough to engage with much content. Click maps showed almost no engagement with anything other than to log in or to close a pop-up.

Click map comparision2

In the final version, I moved to a much smaller and more minimalistic banner at the top. Since the video had gotten some engagement in the original version, I brought the video up to the top and made it much more visual. Underneath, there are four buttons for users to delve in to deeper content. All of these CTAs received more clicks than any of the CTAs on the original version of the page.

After the success of our initial test, I went through all the key pages on the website and reworked content to put the most important elements above the fold.

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