Delaget Connect product launch

I designed this page and created illustrations to bring to life the very real challenges these restaurant operators were facing with their data, so they could relate to the product on an emotional level.

In 2017, the software company Delaget launched a new product – a platform that helps restaurants move data between various restaurant operations systems. With a technical, intangible product that its target market (quick-serve restaurant franchise owners) wasn’t necessarily equipped to understand, we needed to figure out how to communicate not just how the product worked, but why the customer would want to buy it.


My process was to wireframe the layout of the page and start with very basic sketches of the illustrations. Our stick figure heroes and overall illustration aesthetic were developed prior to my being hired, and were included in Delaget’s style guide. I had put together a Creative Cloud library of the originally created vector illustrations and have added extensively to the bank with my own illustrations. The library helps me be efficient and on-brand; I can reuse some elements and constantly adapt and add new illustrations.

The Finished Product

You can see the final page here:

You can take a look and see how it looks in different responsive breakpoints; as I designed this page, I was always making sure it worked well in mobile, and tweaked as necessary to make that happen as I had to work with the way our WordPress templates functioned.

Continuing through the page, the illustrations visualize how the product works, and also show our stick-person hero conquering their challenges – supporting our overall marketing message that Delaget’s solutions help you “win smarter.” Delaget’s sales team was also able to use some of the illustrations in their presentations as they explained the product to prospects.

In addition to the web page, you can see two emails from this campaign that I designed (one note: in the emails, the product is called Delaget Data Management platform; it was subsequently changed to Delaget Connect, which is why it is different on the web page.)

The first email is the introduction that we sent to prospects about the new product. While we could have used graphics in this email, the goal was to keep it simple and personal. The hand-written signature adds to the personal touch. In the second email, we promoted an ebook about why restaurant operators need data management solutions.

connect web page desktop new3-1000px.png
ddmp email-new
ddmp email 2-new