About me

I’m a graphic designer who started out in fine art, went to web development, and then melded those two together into a career in digital and print design. The last few years my focus has mostly been on digital design and inbound and content marketing. Here’s my design philosophy: as ambitious as it sounds, I believe that the purpose of design is to make peoples’ lives better. Design should help us reach people in a meaningful way, communicate clearly and elegantly and make tasks easier (and more enjoyable!) And I love to use the tools of design and the power of collaboration to realize a company’s vision.
Some of my career highlights include:

Graphic Designer — Delaget

 St. Louis Park, MN  |   2017 – present

Delaget is a software company in the Twin Cities that makes operational software and provides outsourcing accounting solutions for restaurants. When I came on in May of 2017, Delaget had recently completed a complete rebrand. It has been fun and rewarding to take that new brand and develop it. My responsibilities include:

Continually designing new content for the website and making it work (css is my friend.) This includes product and company information, as well as designing tons of educational content including ebooks, graphics for educational videos, articles, and graphics for webinars.

Evolving the brand. When I started here, the branding agency had come up with a set of “stick people” avatars and had created some explainer videos incorporating those illustrations. But a large part of Delaget’s aesthetic included stock photography. I have evolved the brand over time to feature much more of the stick people characters and much less stock photography. The line-based illustrations bring so much more personality and approachability to the brand, and allow me to bring emotional connection and understanding to a pretty dry product. Recently, I’ve begun using our characters to create animated videos (using Adobe Animate) that illustrate ways customers can use the software to improve their business.

Email marketing. I’ve designed and created dozens of emails, both promotional and educational content for customers and prospects. I also help keep an eye on email metrics and am always looking to refine everything from subject lines and preview text to placement of CTAs and balance of graphics to text. I’ve evolved Delaget’s email templates over time as well, to incorporate these insights.

General graphics support. I’m the go-to person when anyone in the company needs anything visual. You might find me designing a retractable banner for a trade show or a postcard for a Sales person to send to a prospect, or fun things like designing gift card holders for giveaways.

Marketing strategy. Working with the Digital Marketing manager and the VP of Marketing, I stay involved in the strategy behind the marketing. Context is everything, and it’s been great being part of a team that values my input on a strategic level. I’ve always said that design should never just be about “making things pretty” and a graphic designer should always be in tune with the reasons behind everything she’s doing.

Marketing and Design Specialist — Cooks of Crocus Hill

St. Paul, MN   |   October 2016 – May 2017

Cooks of Crocus Hill is a popular local culinary school and retail store with three Twin Cities locations. Working under the Director of Marketing, I managed Cooks of Crocus Hill’s web content and other graphic design needs. This included leading content meetings, planning, writing, designing and executing promotional emails 5-7 times a week, creating dynamic content for the website, producing the cooking school’s class schedule and designing and coordinating print needs.

In this role, I worked extensively with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I worked in MailChimp (often writing HTML and CSS) to make emails that looked great and drove web and in-store sales. I also worked with Magento ecommerce platform.

Graphic Designer — Ideas To Go, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN   |   December 2003 – May 2016

As Graphic Designer at Ideas To Go (an innovation process consulting company that works with Fortune 100 brands across several industries), I was responsible for the strategic, aesthetic, and technical execution of the Ideas To Go brand across all media.

I worked with Ideas To Go’s Content Marketing Manager to create online marketing content and campaigns from the ground up, including strategy, art direction and execution of design. I used HubSpot to create and monitor campaigns.

I worked with Ideas To Go (ITG) executives and designers from Wallace Church to rebrand Ideas To Go and create a new style guide. I executed the launch of the new brand across different channels: website, social media, video, print, and sales collateral–including collaborating with Wallace Church’s UX designers to create wireframes for a rebranded website. Then I created final designs for all website pages, including several responsive breakpoints, handing off clean and detailed PSD files to developers for coding.

The new content-marketing-driven website increased year-over-year unique visitors by 50-110% every month in the first year and by 2016 had quadrupled the monthly leads generated.

As the design arm of ITG’s inbound marketing team, I continually created graphics, illustrations, and html/css formatting for blog posts and monthly newsletters. I also created dozens of white papers, e-books, and other downloadable PDFs for Ideas To Go’s inbound marketing funnel.

I also worked on ITG’s brand and corporate identity, including creating logos, business cards, photographs of facilities and employees, sales materials, and a library of photos and graphics.

From 2003 – 2010, the company was more focused on print and direct mail marketing. I created many direct mail print pieces, including proposing initial concepts, prototyping, sourcing vendors, producing final art, and coordinating fulfillment. I also sourced and worked with print vendors to create branded signage, stationery, and promotional items.

Web Developer — Ideas To Go, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN   |   2001 – 2003

I worked with another web developer to create a proprietary web application used to conduct consumer brainstorming sessions online. I coded the application in ASP using a SQL back-end, and worked on everything from database architecture to web design and front-end coding for the application. Additionally, I was responsible for visual design of the website, and designed and conducted usability tests.

Technical Expertise

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Animate
  • Adobe Premiere
  • HTML and CSS
  • Email design and coding
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp
  • Website content management
  • PowerPoint and Prezi
  • Photography and photo editing
  • Mac and Windows operating systems

Education and Training


  • HubSpot Design Certified
  • How Design University UX Training
  • Attended 3 HOW Design and HOW Interactive conferences
  • Attended Inbound conference 2015
  • Attended Front End of Innovation and THE Conference on Marketing
  • Attended Digital Summit conferences in Minneapolis in 2017 and 2019

University of Minnesota — 2001

BA, Art (magna cum laude); emphasis in electronic art and drawing
Exhibited at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery